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Matt Damon on topping Michael Douglas

Matt Damon and Michael Douglas are on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, talking about their HBO Liberace bio-pic Behind the Candelabra, which airs in May. In the interview, Douglas, who plays Liberace, and Damon, who plays his lover Scott Thorson, talk spray tanning, having Liberace as a neighbour, and taking it up the ass:

Damon on getting bronzed: “Every Sunday night, this girl would come to my house and I would stand in my garage and I would hike my boxer briefs up into the crack of my ass and she would give me a spray tan."

Damon on his wife seeing him in revealing bathing suits in the film (metallic thong, anyone?): “We’ve been through three childbirths, we’ve been in the trenches, there are no secrets. But I really wish she didn’t see that. That’s too much."

Douglas on his dad, Kirk Douglas, being neighbours with Liberace in Palm Springs: “I remember meeting him just in passing, in his convertible with the top down — his hair not moving."

Damon on topping Douglas:  "The scene where I’m behind him and going at him, we did that in one take/ We do it. Cut. There’s a long pause. And then you just hear [director] Steven Soderbergh go, ‘Well… I have no notes.’”