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Matt Fistonich is Mr Gay New Zealand

Join us in appreciating his beauty and many talents

 Matt Fistonich is Mr Gay New Zealand

There are four things you know about New Zealand: it gave us Lorde, it’s not quite Australia, Lord of the Rings was filmed there and Bret from Flight of the Conchords is adorable. Well, get ready to add a fifth Polynesian trivia tidbit to your arsenal: the adorable Matt Fistonich, a 24-year-old from Waitakere in West Auckland, is the newly-minted Mr Gay New Zealand.

As well as receiving the highest honour a person can receive in the field of being a handsome twink from New Zealand, Fistonich will also be representing his country at the Mr Gay World competition held in South Africa in 2015. As you doubtlessly already know, Mr Gay World was established in 2009 as a showcase for human rights leaders from the gay community. It is also apparently “not a beauty contest,” although a quick perusal of last year’s delegate cohort suggests that it’s also maybe not not a beauty contest?

Just in case you wake up tomorrow and discover that you’ve been declared Mr Gay Canada and you’re worried you won’t know what to say to Mr New Zealand himself when you’re introduced on that podium in Cape Town, we’ve got a list of Matt Fistonich facts to help you kiki with this kiwi cutie.

He has more Instagram followers than you.

Over 8,100 people follow Fistonich’s Instragram feed, which is crammed with gym selfies, shirtless pics, floppy hairstyles, star pec-tattoos, one-hand-on-head casual postures, lusciously thick caterpillar eyebrows — or, in the above photo’s case, all of those things at once.

He is a former fire fighter.

Fistonich joined the Royal New Zealand Air Force at the age of 17 and was enlisted as a fire fighter and “competed in many Fire Fighting competitions,” whatever that means.

He can read!

Oh, wait . . . Well, he has glasses? They might be a prop.

His face moves!

Those eyebrows though. (And see what we mean about the one-hand-on-head thing?)

Uh, here’s his armpit . . .