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:::Matthew Santoro:::


Who are you and what do you do?
Matthew Santoro. Documentary filmmaker & video artist.


Brasky and Matty on avenue Lartigue, in the village.
Photo Credit: David J. Romero & Klee Larsen

Are you the only gay in the village? Does your mum know you're queer?
How dare you.

What is your favourite video on the innernets?

Fav blog or website?
slog the stranger & the sartorialist.

Boxers or briefs?
Boxer Briefs. (ed's note: PROVE IT)


What’s your fav Montreal spot for hangsies?

LA SOCIÉTÉ DES ARTS TECHNOLOGIQUES [SAT] (ed's note: your all-caps display of affection denotes a certain charm and refinement. i like that.)


Half-full or half empty?
Depends what's in it.

Skill testing question: 45 + 76 x 89 and 3/4 x the stripping cage at Club Tools =
Swine flu. (ed's note: like school on Sunday.)

Cat or dog?
Dog, Brasky, my yellow lab mix.

Leopard, zebra print or pleather?

Are you dating someone right now? WHO?!?!
I don't want to jinx it.

Name your number one dating pet peeve:
Bad breath.

The next time Montrealers can come admire your beauty in a live setting yet at a reasonable distance:
Mec Plus Ultra.

Some other inane detail of your choosing:
I love pad thai. 

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