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May 26 deadline to register to vote at the Centre’s AGM

More than half of the board of directors will be up for election at The Centre’s annual general meeting (AGM) scheduled for Jun 25 at the Central Presbyterian Church on Thurlow St.

The Centre is looking to elect seven out of 13 positions this year, including four women, one man and one trans person, says interim executive director Jennifer Breakspear, adding that the seventh seat up for election is non-gender specific.

In order to vote on directors and policies, you must become a member of the society that runs The Centre and be in good standing 30 days prior to the AGM, she says. The deadline to register for membership is May 26.

Asked about the key items up for discussion at the AGM, Breakspear says as far as she knows the agenda hasn’t been developed yet.

In March, Breakspear told Xtra West that The Centre had embarked on a rebranding initiative, retaining the ad firm Rethink Communications to develop a new name and logo for the organization.

“Rethink is still working on that stuff, so until we’ve actually seen the final product, I don’t know when the unveiling date would be,” says Breakspear. “It may be by [the time of the AGM], but as I said we haven’t seen the final product from Rethink yet.”

Breakspear says no final decision has been made regarding a new site for The Centre either, and doesn’t anticipate having a final answer about that in time for the AGM. But she says she will give an update in her executive director’s report.

“I believe there is one site in question. That’s what I’ve been hearing about from the city planner,” Breakspear indicates. “We’re still not a participant in this. We’re still a consideration of the city planners, and until they actually sign a deal with the developer, we don’t become a party to an agreement.”

Breakspear declined to pinpoint the site in question.

As for the search for a new executive director in the wake of Michael Harding’s removal from the position Jan 18, Breakspear says the job posting for the position closes Jun 20.

Breakspear, who was appointed interim executive director after Harding’s dismissal, says she is applying for the position.