Toronto Diary
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Mayoral candidates pledge support for Toronto Pride

For the past few weeks, Rob and Doug Ford haven’t shied away from trolling Toronto’s LGBT community. From protesting the raising of the Pride flag at city hall to crying “bullying,” the Ford brothers have pretty much lobbed a softball to the crop of mayoral candidates vying for his position.

According to the Toronto Star, John Tory has already jumped on the opportunity to back Toronto Pride in an interview with Proud FM. When asked if, as mayor, he would walk in the Pride parade, he responded by saying, “It’s just a no-brainer to me that you’d be there. I can’t think of a single reason, frankly, why you wouldn’t.”

He also claimed that thus far, he has marched “six, seven or eight” times. Comparatively, incumbent Rob Ford has marched . . . let’s see here. Carry the one, divide by two, multiply by pi-r-squared . . . ah yes, zero. Zero times.

The Star reports that other major names in the mayoral race have jumped on the opportunity to march in the parade, as David Soknacki and Karen Stintz have vowed to take part.

Considering how hard Ford’s been baiting homophobes, it’s good to see that the other mayoral candidates have risen to the challenge of representing ALL of Toronto rather than picking and choosing. Although I’m guessing that once you have a crack scandal under your belt, pissing off the gays is a lateral move.