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McGill frosh organizers resort to racial typecasting

Reports from the back-to-school frosh tours as students trickle into the city are starting to come in. Edward Lee says it best. He writes:

"The folks in management decided to do their frosh by doing 'tribal' themes, including, Inca, Maori, etc tribes… while this may seem innocent on the surface, you can imagine what kinds of activities you would end up doing when using this kind of theme (ie 'tribal' team cheer, etc). I mean, if it were other kinds of racially or culturally based tribes (ie asian, black, white or muslim versus jewish, etc), it would not have been okay, so why would creating 'tribes' related to Indigenous groups (especially present-day communities like the Maori) be okay? Plus many, if not most Indigenous communities across this country would never even use the word 'tribe' to describe themselves or their particular community."



Anybody with more info on this should speak up!

I never much cared for Froshers. Or McGill. In University, (Concordia BA '07), I always felt a little tension among McGillites and Concordians. Usually at parties after a kegger or two. But yeah, they suck.

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