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Medical piracy, men in dresses and a handsome ambassador

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Caitlyn Jenner in trouble for “man in a dress” comment

Trans Olympian and reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner continued to make herself less popular with the trans community at large by suggesting to Time magazine that trans women should try not to “look like a man in a dress.” Jenner was discussing how trans people could help “normalize.” She has since apologized.

Martin Shkreli is terrible, again

Pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli is trying to secure the rights to a drug to treat the parasitic Chagas disease, which he will sell for tens of thousands of dollars per course of treatment, instead of about $100 as it is sold in South America. Shkreli made an enemy of the gay community in September when he did the same thing to a drug used to manage HIV.

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The gay US ambassador to Denmark is a local TV star

US ambassador to Denmark Rufus Gifford has become famous in the country not just for his diplomatic work, or his marriage to a man in Copenhagen’s city hall, but for a popular TV show I Am the Ambassador from America. The handsome ambassador has become a household name, and his show has earned the Danish equivalent of an Emmy.

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World LGBT activists gather in New York

LGBT activists from around the world met in New York this weekend for the OutRight Action conference on anti-LGBT discrimination. Delegates held panels on everything from gay journalism to women’s rights, including one panel at the United Nations on the economic impact of discrimination.

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Civil unions come to Cyprus

Same-sex couples in the Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus now enjoy the same rights as opposite-sex couples, with the exception of adopting children and being called “married.” Meanwhile, Cyprus’ parent country of Greece has shown movement in the same direction.