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Meech Lake lurker harasses beach goers

Accounts of verbal abuse and threats of violence

Regular visitors to the beech near the old mill at Meech Lake should be on the lookout for a lurker who seems bent on harassing beach dwellers, passer bys and anyone who gets in his way.

According to emails sent to Xtra the man spies on people from behind bushes, is verbally abusive, has threatened people with violence and has been seen masturbating in front of women.

The lurker has been known to yell out homophobic slurs such as “you gays give AIDS” and “You fucking prick, you think you can rat on people? Yes you should be scared fucking prick. I’m going to rip you to pieces with my fucking chainsaw. You fucking rat – rats die”

The lurker has been described as being tall, with a solid build, brown hair, clean-shaven and wears black bike shorts.