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Meet quadruple-threat pornstar Marcus Mojo

When nice guys finish first

The hard-working Marcus Mojo.

Marcus Mojo may very well be one of the hardest working men in gay porn. No, that’s not just a lame pun; I literally mean the guy can do anything and is more than happy to do it for his fans. While certain performers do a handful of scenes, then immediately think they’re king shit, Mojo is charmingly humble. Not only that, but he’s versatile in every sense of the word: as a Next Door Studios exclusive, he performs with both men and women and as both a top and a bottom. In show business, he’s what’s known as a “quadruple threat.”

“Definitely no complaints over here,” Mojo says. “To be completely honest, I think when you are versatile and open to new things, it makes you easier to work with. But that’s just my opinion. You all know I’m up for anything.”

See what I mean about humility?

Mojo recently performed at Celebrities nightclub in Vancouver as part of NDS’s The Pornstar Next Door tour. “It has been nothing short of amazing,” he says. “Being able to travel all across the United States and Canada has been a blessing, and being able to meet fans and actually interact with them in person is a great feeling.”

Of course, the tour isn’t just about hot boys doing dirty things. Earlier this year, Marcus performed in Denver to raise money for its GLBT Community Center. “It puts a warm feeling in my heart. Being able to give back to the community with not just my help but with the help from others.”

It never hurts to give back to the community that supports you. And occasionally, that means signing so many autographs that you get a case of writer’s cramp that would make Stephen King shit a brick. “It was at Spin nightclub in Chicago,” says Mojo of his favourite interaction with a fan. “A man came in with over 100 pictures of me to sign for him, all from when I started to the present. Talk about a trip down memory lane!”

I’m not going to lie: after the interview I spent a good hour trying to nail down what exactly it is that makes Mojo stand out. It isn’t just the fact that he has a hot body or that he is a hard worker. It all came down to the fact that Mojo is just a really nice guy. As simple as that sounds, it’s an underrated quality in porn models. And fuck it — if a guy is willing to sign 100 pictures for one person, that has to count for something.