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Meet the Jarics


Much like the last posting, I've been biding my time on tonight's
special. Today, Xtra! West's Pride Guide hit the newstands today across
Metro Vancouver. If you haven't grabbed a copy, do it tomorrow. It's
your guide for Pride: before, during and after…and I've got a couple
features in there and a couple photos. The Pride Guide itself features
my first Xtra! assignment: interviewing the Jarics. They sent me a ton
of XXX private photos that didn't make the Pride Guide (or this blog
for that matter…want some copies? Write me!). I've posted the
article/interview after my fave PG-17 pics below. This is my way of
wishing y'all a great weekend. Enjoy:

If this interests you, maybe you should come see their live show at Celebrities.


Meet the Jarics

Are porn stars the new rock star?

tours, huge crowds of loyal fans and live sex shows are proof of the
jaw-dropping popularity true porn stars can achieve. They don’t get
much hotter than married gay couple
Aden and Jordan Jaric, who are taking the stage Jul 30 at Celebrities.

two Californians have the type of sex appeal that will make any
pink-blooded man stop, drop and drool, and put on a live show that is
guaranteed to make both your eyes and your jeans fly pop.

Here’s what they had to say to Xtra! West about their newfound fame:

What’s the one thing our readers need to know about your show?

best friends as well as lovers and just about anything goes between the
two of us. Last time we were at Celebrities, we did a couple of illegal
things…and we loved every second of it!!!

What’s life like on tour?

of our fans message us on MySpace before we even arrive and let us know
how excited they are that were coming in town. In addition to that we
love to meet new people and see new places, so it works out perfect for
us as a couple.

How do you keep your fans happy?

have signed body parts, we have danced for them, we have sold our
underwear (unwashed at their request), and sent autographed pictures to
home addresses. Nothing too dirty, but we’re all about the fun!

hear some adult models occasionally hire themselves out as escorts. Is
this true? Have you two considered this and would you consider doing it
on tour?

are not escorts. That’s every stars own personal business and we don't
even ask others in the industry that question. We have had offers, but
none that sparked our interest.

Are you still monogamous?

we do not and will never have SEX with anyone else. But we like to
involve another friend/cutie for some fun as long as sex is not
involved and understood. It rarely happens, but to be completely
honest, it has.

What advice do you have for guys who want to get in to porn?

Ask the people around you if they would accept the lifestyle. Be cautious of the world around you and stay grounded.