Barack Obama
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Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

I really must apologize — while I teased you last week with thoughts of Ryan Reynolds and debated with myself over whether or not to link to Dustin Lance Black's sex photos (sorry but I'm just not Perez Hilton), it's the more serious stuff that engaged me all weekend, namely the coup in Iran.

I wrote a piece for fab a couple years ago on the growing queer dissent in Iran and this past Friday, the hope for a new step forward in that country was dashed by a rigged election. The good(?) news is that the people are not taking it this time:

There's amazing footage and reports coming out of Iran via blogs and Twitter, and gay pundit Andrew Sullivan was all over it this weekend.  I'm only surprised, however, that he said this:

What I find a little gob-smacking is that this outbreak of democracy in Iran seems to have left the neocons saddened. Interesting, no?

Umm…no.  It's entirely predictable.  Ever primed for war, the right wing has no ideas on how to engage an open and peaceful Iran.  They keep trying to eat soup with knives.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama has been wisely quiet on the subject so far — waiting to see how it all plays out — but he hasn't been so quiet on the gay marriage front, as people are still in shock over the Department of Justice defending the ban with all the usual right-wing catch-phrases.

This massive ObamaFail reminds everyone of what a "fierce advocate" for gay people he pretended to be on the campaign trail:

Now in power, however, he's been far, far too cautious — an advocate for (tiny) change and (faint) hope.  Like Clinton, Obama's another reminder that we homos just have to do the work ourselves.  Come out, speak up, get involved!

So tomorrow, I pledge to do my part to bring the funny and some guys in their underpants.  Till then, here's Bill Maher comparing Obama to Lindsay Lohan!