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Melodic angry chick

Andréa Hector just loves bass

Credit: Tj ngan

Michael Venus: So, let us in on what you’ve been doing lately.

Andréa Hector: We [my band Hector and I] are in the process of finishing up our newest CD. We’ve got two singles at the moment that we’ll be selling on iTunes. We have been in the Top 10 on an Australian live Internet radio station, KAOS-FM, also known as Ison Radio. Recently, we were on the World Independent charts for 23 weeks, reaching third position for five weeks.

We’re in the process of reaching new private sponsors to help with the next recording. We’re always looking for people with money. Let’s be real about it!

We’ve had help from fans in the US, as well as our own backyard. It’s great to know that people are willing to help you meet your goals. Our CD is due in the new year.

MV: Tell us about your band and describe the sound.

AH: Our most recent comparison was an “angry chick version of Moby, with issues.” Basically, we’re live drum ‘n bass, only with pop/melodic vocals and a bit of groove rock/dance beats.

We have been working out a new member, Terry. He’ll be playing the loops and samples live. To date, it’s only been Darryl Shackelly on drums, and myself on bass. I pre-programmed the loops and samples and recorded them on a CD, but unfortunately that made our third member a CD player.

The trouble with that is it seemed that our third member was wrecked or cracked and would skip when it damn well pleased. Added some interesting times to our shows, but we’ll have something a little more stable now. Probably just have to deal with the new guy wanting money from us, or some damn thing.

MV: Who are your influences?

AH: (laughs) Well, my first love? Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden. Abba. Police. Crystal Method. Garbage. Radiohead. Not in any particular order. I just love bass.

MV: Have you always been into music? When did it all start and how did you get to where you are now?

AH: I did my apprenticeship in the womb. My dad is a true music fan. He listened, which meant I listened. I had a toy piano at the age of three and did Schroeder-style concerts on the edge of my parents’ bed at 6 am. From then on, I begged for a real piano, and have played ever since.

I began to teach myself all the instruments I now play after I started teaching piano. I found that bass was my calling and I was really sick to death of writing the pop piano tunes I was writing. Playing bass made it possible to play the music I liked to listen to.

Now, I’m wanting a cello. Which scares me. Nobody will see or hear from me for two years if I go ahead and get one.

That or a set of drums. I’d like to play drums professionally when I have the space to get to work on it. For now, I’ll just program and keep playing drums in jams.

MV: Talk dirty to me, what turns your crank and makes you hot?

AH: Rainbows and long walks on the beach. No! Wait! I forgot, I’m not leaving a message on ManLine!! Girls, girls, girls, girls, girls, girls, girls, girls, girls. Oh, did I mention naked girls?

MV: What do you expect in the future as far as your music goes?

AH: There’s going to be a lot more experimenting with dance music. I’m finishing up a CD of music that I did for a film score last year. I’m going to be working on more film scores and melting a little bit of that into my Hector project.

MV: Any last words?

AH: Hector is putting on a couple of benefits in the fall. One for gay/lesbian/bi/trans youth and another for the SPCA. You can check out our website for more info and dates:

MV:Thanks, babe!

AH: Love you!