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Meningitis, deadly deportation and a criminal selfie

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Palestinian gay man says he will be killed if deported from Canada

A Palestinian man says he will be killed if he is deported back to Palestine by the Canadian government, which says he has ties to Hamas. The man, going by the name John Calvin, doesn’t deny that his family are connected to Hamas, but says they will kill him for being openly gay, converting to Christianity, and having spoken to an Israeli newspaper about his predicament. 

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Morocco imprisons men for standing too close in photograph

Two Moroccan men have been imprisoned for four months because they stood too close together while taking a photograph at an historic site in Rabat. The men were likely arrested because two women from the feminist group Femen had held a topless protest at the site the day before, but the men deny they were protesting, and say they were just taking a photo while sightseeing. Morocco is in the midst of a gay panic crisis, with one magazine asking in a recent cover story, “Should we burn gays?"

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UK report: 35,000 hate crimes go unreported yearly

According to a report by the UK’s Equality and Human Rights Commission, some 35,000 hate crimes against LGBT people go unreported every year. The study found that 88 percent of LGBT people had experienced some form of hate crime, but only 14 percent had reported the most recent crime to police. 

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Gay rights: from Canada to Tunisia 

With a great leap forward in gay rights on the horizon at the US Supreme Court, CNN takes a look at the state of gay rights around the world, from Canada to Tunisia to the Philippines. In short: gay rights have a long way to go everywhere, but some parts of the world will have to wait much longer than others. 

Chicago doctors urge meningitis shot for gay men 

Doctors in Chicago are asking men who have sex with men to get vaccinated against meningitis after six new diagnoses and one death, all among gay and bi men. The strain of meningitis loose in Chicago is rare, and difficult to treat. It can be spread through saliva or even talking close to another person, and doctors are concerned this week’s gay Pride festivities may help spread infections. 

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