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Men’s health, free PrEP and unenforceable sodomy

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Michigan bans oral and anal sex, but not really

In a bizarre legal strategy move, Michigan has affirmed its ban on all anal or oral sex in order to preserve a ban on animal cruelty. A Republican senator who sponsored the bill says if he struck the language banning sodomy, the ban on sex with animals would be impossible to pass. Regardless of the law, the US Supreme Court has already ruled sodomy bans unconstitutional and unenforceable.

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Meet the trans man going on the cover of Men’s Health

German trans model Benjamin Melzer will be the first trans cover model of Men’s Health Germany. Watch his video at Now This, or read about him at Gay Star News.

Georgia opens free PrEP clinic

With the help of Truvada’s manufacturer Gilead Pharmaceuticals, a county in Atlanta, Georgia, is opening a clinic to provide free PrEP to high-risk groups, including all gay men. Truvada is a once-a-day pill that has proven highly effective at preventing new HIV infections.

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Mumbai Pride gathers steam

More than 7,000 people gathered for Mumbai’s Pride parade this weekend, drawing on not only gay people but increasingly common straight allies. India’s gay community is waiting on a crucial supreme court decision that could re-legalize gay sex in the country.

Kuwait to stop expelling gay students

Kuwait’s education minister says he opposes expelling students for being gay, and will use his office to reinstate gay students to the education system. Despite this, gay sex is still de facto illegal in the country, and the minister admits some students may fall through the cracks without the ministry’s knowledge.

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