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Messed-up Creeps

Check out this Indiegogo project to help fund Guinevere Turner's gay new film project

Guinevere Turner's Creeps is a dark and comedic feature. Credit: Guinevere Turner

“It’s a movie about gay assholes who are mean to each other and drink a lot. So, traditional funding routes are probably not an option for us,” explains actor and filmmaker Guinevere Turner in a video aimed at potential donors for her new film.

Turner has launched a crowd-sourcing campaign through Indiegogo, with a goal of $200,000, to produce Creeps, a dark new comedy she hopes to direct. Turner also wrote the film adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’s American Psycho and was the writer of 1994’s Big Fish and 2005’s The Notorious Bettie Page

In the promotional video, Turner has reenacted a scene from the film using puppets who sit together over a mountain of cocaine cut up on CD cases and swear off booze and drugs for a whole week. If the 30 seconds of this scene is any indication of the broader film, Creeps is a project that’s well worth the investment.

“I came up with the idea for Creeps with my best friend. It’s a movie about a group of LGBT friends and their antics, dramas and relationships. At the centre is a woman who needs to look great for an art opening where her ex will be and therefore has decided with her best friend to quit drugs and drinking for a week,” Turner says. “I was inspired to write it because I am excited by the idea that, now as LGBT people, we don't have to make films that show us as ‘normal’ and ‘healthy.’ We can be just as messed up as the next guy, and we are!”