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Weights Update: I’m about 3/4 through the Whole New Me program at Weights and trainer/God Bryan Runge has told me that despite putting on mass (I’m almost 190 lbs, bitches!), too much alcohol is negating any gains I’m making in the looks department. Who knew. Christ. I don’t drink scotch to look pretty. I drink it to look like Grandpapi Horlor looked circa 1985. Bryan has agreed to give me an interim report card this Friday, so check back then to see what horrible things he has to say about my progress. This guy knows his stuff and put me through my hardest workout yet last night (push up 21s anyone? 7 reps at bottom, 7 reps at midpoint, 7 reps at high point, repeat 4 times at end of workout… and voila, your arms fall off at the shoulder).

In other news:

Photographer extraordinaire Brandon Gaukel sent me a spoof comic yesterday and its Aquaman star reminded me of a number of things:

1. A couple of circuit monsters from last weekend

2. Scary Hatcher

3. Me in the middle of a panic attack

[photo currently unavailble]

Anyway, I’m a huge fan of K Beaton’s work and you can find more at Hark A Vagrant: