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Methodists, Merkel and left-handed bottoms

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Ejection of gay bishop could split Methodist church

The highest court of the United Methodist Church has ruled that a woman married to another woman cannot be a bishop. Karen Oliveto was made a bishop last year, but the church’s judicial council says “self-avowed practicing homosexuals” are barred from positions of leadership. Mother Jones reports that the ruling is likely to sow division between the church and Oliveto’s supporters.  

Study: Porn use is only harmful to those who think it is

Researchers at Brigham Young University have found that watching porn only harms the relationships of people who feel guilty about their own porn habits, especially because of religious beliefs. Those who watched porn but did not feel guilty about it suffered no ill consequences.

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Merkel urges Putin to protect gay Chechen men

On a diplomatic trip to Russia, German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to investigate reports of the capture and torture of gay men in Chechnya. A Russian newspaper has reported hundreds of allegedly gay men being rounded up and detained in the region.

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Scientists find link between genetic markers and anal sex role

A research team at the University of Toronto has shown a link between genetic markers such as left-handedness and sibling order and anal sex role — being a bottom or a top. The researchers say there is probably not a direct genetic link, but rather an indirect developmental process at work.  

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Colbert ruffles feathers with gay joke

Late-night comedian Stephen Colbert offended some viewers Monday night when he said in a monologue that Donald Trump’s mouth was only good for “being Vladimir Putin’s cock holster.” Gay journalist Glenn Greenwald called the joke homophobic on Twitter.