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Mexican love songs, power gays and part-time prostitutes

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Mexican pop group sings lesbian love song

As gay marriage becomes a reality in more Mexican states, a lesbian love ballad by pop group Los Tigres Del Norte is matching the national zeitgeist. “Era Diferente” (She Was Different) tells the story of a teenage girl who rejects the love of all the local men in favour of her best friend.

Egypt claims right to deport gay foreign nationals

Egypt has deported a man back to Libya over accusations of homosexuality, setting a dangerous precedent. The man was a student at Cairo’s Arab Academy for Maritime Transport, but was ejected from the country because a court said it was “in the public interest and in the interest of religious and social values.” Amnesty International says such deportations can be particularly dangerous because home countries in the region will often reprosecute immigrants for homosexuality.

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Do closeted people choose certain professions?

At Slate, economist Ray Fisman and journalist Tim Sullivan look at the science of how gay people choose careers. Research shows that gay people often develop special skills in hiding their identities, and thus excel in jobs requiring careful social interaction. Being masters of deception, however, comes at a cost.

Jesuit comes out as gay with church support

A member of the Catholic Jesuit order has come out as openly gay with the support of his church superiors. Damien Torres-Botello says transparency about his sexuality is part of his calling as a Jesuit, though he lives with vows of chastity.

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The gay power list

Out Magazine has released its 2015 list of the most powerful LGBT people in American culture. Tim Cook, Ellen DeGeneres and Rachel Maddow top the list, and Canadian Ellen Page comes in 36th.

Part-time prostitutes

At Fusion, Taryn Hillin explores the phenomenon of part-time gay sex workers. Some young men not only see occasional sex work as a good way to make money, she says, but also as a legitimate way to help people.