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Mexican soccer, entrapment and jury deliberations

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Mexican soccer fans drop offensive chant

After years of pressure, criticism and fines, Mexican fans at the World Cup seem to have finally stopped chanting a homophobic slur at opposing players. [Yahoo Sports]

Restaurant owner asked US press secretary to leave over transgender ban

The owner of a Virginia restaurant says she asked White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave because of Sanders’ support for Trump’s desire to ban transgender troops in the military. [The Hill]

South Dakota’s death sentence tinged with homophobia

A jury in South Dakota reportedly sentenced a gay man to death in a murder case because they thought that spending life in prison with other men would be too enjoyable. [New York Times]

Pride in Serbia and Croatia

When LGBT activists held their first Pride parade in Croatia, thousands of hostile protesters showed up to throw rocks and bottles. This year, under police protection, Balkan Pride is making slow progress. [Balkan Insight]

Mattachine activist Dick Leitsch dies

Dick Leitsch, the gay activist who organized the first civil-rights protests against entrapment in New York bars has died at age 83. [Washington Post]