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Mexico: Colima state lawmaker objects to public gay weddings

Rafael Mendoza says seeing two men kiss confuses children

Mexican state legislator Rafael Mendoza objects to public gay weddings. Credit:

A Mexican state lawmaker was called out by his own party after he said gay weddings in Colima state should not be allowed in public, The Associated Press reports.

Rafael Mendoza said he wanted to bar same-sex unions from public places because seeing two men kiss would confuse children. Same-sex civil unions were legalized in Colima in May.

"Parents are coming to me, to my house, to tell me they are against the city carrying out these weddings in public," Mendoza said. "I am not against these civil unions; the only thing is I don't want them in public."

Mendoza’s party, the Democratic Revolution Party, which has supported gay marriage across Mexico, has told him to retract the comments. Mendoza says he is only representing his constituents but has given up party leadership in the state congress.