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Mexico: Gay couple in Chihuahua granted right to marry

Civil registry, which initially refused to perform the ceremony, did not appeal

A gay couple in Chihuahua has been allowed to marry. Credit:

A gay couple in the Mexican province of Chihuahua has been granted the unique right to marry by a state judge, El Pueblo reports. Although marriage is restricted to a man and a woman in Chihuahua, judge José Juan Múzquiz Gómez gave the couple a special injunction, forcing the state government to perform the marriage.

The Chihuahua Civil Registry, which initially refused to perform the ceremony, was given until Sept 3 to appeal the ruling. The registry did not appeal, and Gómez ordered the marriage to be recognized on Sept 4.

Tony and Tomas will be the first gay couple to marry in Chihuahua. The special order allowing them to marry, called a recurso de amparo, does not change state law but makes a special exception to protect individual rights.