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Mexicoma Music Week

Guess who's in Mexico enjoying a well-deserved break? Ahhhhhhhh…

Up at
WinterPRIDE, I had a lot of people introduce me to new music. This
week's blog is going to be devoted to sharing the sonic love.

If you haven't already heard, Vancouver uber-promoter Tommy D has parted ways with the new Pulse nightclub and is freelancing (aka whoring) about town, planning parties that will convince even the most hardened skeptic that a packed dancefloor is where it's at. His pick for Mexicoma Music Week is "Are U Satisfied" by Deborah Cooper. I couldn't find it on YouTube (which attributes to its goodness) but here's a track of Deborah's I did like called "Cream" and hell, it came with a pin up slideshow so what the fuck eh? This should get you ready for the weekend.