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Michael Lucas compares Sochi Olympics to Nazis’ Berlin Games

Pornstar catalogues horrific abuses against Russian LGBT people

Gay pornstar and producer Michael Lucas on the plight of gay people in Russia and the failure of the world to send a strong message ahead of the Sochi Olympic Games.

As you will see in the above video interview, pornstar and producer Michael Lucas is opinionated. And he is afraid. The Russian-born New Yorker fears for the millions of gay people living in Russia. So, his unequivocal statements about the morality of boycotting the Winter Olympic Games taking place in Sochi, Russia, because of that country's LGBT rights history are no surprise.  

"I don't particularly care about a few athletes when it comes to the lives of millions of people," Lucas says, referring to atheletes who have been training for the Olympics for years.  

Lucas's new documentary, The Campaign of Evil: Russia and Gay Propaganda, includes video clips of men being beaten to a pulp and tortured. Russian gay men are often lured by their captors, who work under the guise of offering companionship on gay hookup sites. They sometimes record these attacks and call them "Educational Videos."

We have seen clips before on YouTube, but the brutality never fails to enrage. The juxtaposition of the clips against the feelings of brotherly love and respect that the Olympics endeavour to exude raises many questions.    

Lucas's film is expected to be released in April. For more on the Sochi Olympic Games, keep watching Daily Xtra