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Michael Sam’s agent denies leaked nude-pic rumour

Buckle in everyone, we’re talking about Michael Sam’s alleged penis today. 

So apparently, Sam was the subject of a nude picture rumour, after images of a mostly nude male were leaked to PopWrapped. PopWrapped in turn claimed the subject was Sam himself. Feel free to scrutinize for yourself.

According to Gawker, Sam’s agent has denied his client has any connection to the images, saying, “The picture is not Mike [ . . . ] It could be anyone. There’s no face.”

Of course, Gawker weighed the evidence for and against the images actually being Sam, but what it comes down to is that no one really knows for sure. So we’re all just going to have to settle for looking at pictures of an incredibly muscular and well-endowed man who doesn’t play for the NFL. I think we’ll live.