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Mike Chalut says goodbye to Proud FM

The biggest mouth in Toronto is moving on to a mainstream network

After five years as the voice of gay Toronto on Proud FM’s The Mike Chalut Show, the man with the biggest mouth in the city is leaving the drive-home slot for a new opportunity and media family.

Chalut, along with his co-host and producer Helena Schaper and manager Patti Goldberg, says he can’t yet reveal where his team is headed, but he calls it a dream come true. “We are going mainstream, and the goal is to make people smile,” he tells Xtra. “The new show and network will be announced Wednesday, July 2 . . . I want to be Ryan Seacrest when I grow up!”

Chalut provided further thoughts on the end of an era in a press release about the move. “You have to go to grow,” he said, noting that he and his team are “beyond excited to go out with a bang” and will host several events in the city during WorldPride.

The show on Sunday, June 29, after the WorldPride parade comes to an end, will be Chalut’s last at the station.

“Mike’s positivity is infectious, and Proud FM and Evanov Radio Group are better for having him part of our team,” says Bob Willette, Proud FM’s program director, in a press release. “And thank goodness for Helena (keeping him in line)!”

The over-the-top personality has asked listeners to stay tuned for more news on where The Mike Chalut Show is headed.

Good luck, Mike! Love your guts.