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Milan Rozsa, fashion-show inmates and Fifty Shades of Gay

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Your lesbian Fifty Shades of Grey parody trailer has arrived

It was inevitable. Watch Fifty Shades of Grey interpreted as a real lesbian relationship at The Gay Women Channel. Now with 100-percent more Netflix and muffins.

Inside LA’s gay men’s prison (California)

The Men’s Central Jail in Los Angeles is a vast stew of violence, gangs and racial tension, often housing more than 4,000 inmates daily. But in one wing, inmates hold impromptu fashion shows, design their own dresses and smuggle in bras. LA Weekly goes inside one of the world’s only gay and trans prison wings and discovers a community so tightly knit that some inmates reoffend just to rejoin their friends.

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Gay activist Milan Rozsa dies in suspected suicide (Hungary)

Leftist gay Hungarian activist Milan Rozsa stepped in front of a train earlier this month after a long struggle with depression. Rozsa made headlines earlier this year when he climbed over a fence into the Russian embassy in Budapest to protest treatment of gay people in Russia. He was 26 years old.

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Republican congresswoman speaks about trans son (Florida)

The first Republican member of Congress to openly support gay marriage has a trans son. But would Ileana Ros-Lehtinen support gay marriage if her own family were not involved? Her son thinks so. “I have full confidence that she would have come to these pro-LGBT opinions, whether I happen to be transgender or not,” he says.

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Gay market ripe for hunting and fishing tourism (Canada)

According to gay tourism organization Travel Gay Canada, gay people will don plaid shirts and rubber boots and sling fishing line like anybody else — as long as the tourism industry is ready for them. At a conference in Thunder Bay, co-founder Darrell Schuurman told hunting and fishing guides that if they put in the work to attract gay clients, coveted gay tourism dollars could be theirs.

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One in eight gay men in London have HIV (UK)

According to a report from England’s public health service, 13 percent of gay men in London are infected with HIV, more than three times the rate in the rest of the country. Last year, London also had the highest rate of new infections. A report last year in the Lancet blamed high HIV rates on risky sex practices in London’s gay culture, such as the use of drugs at sex parties.

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