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Million-pound Boy George

No, he hasn't gotten even fatter. A million pounds is what the Culture Club frontman and gay icon is reportedly asking to appear on the UK's Celebrity Big Brother. After being offered £750,000 by the popular television show, George is holding off for a few (hundred thousand) pennies. And he's worth every one! I wasn't a big fan until I read his memoir, Take It Like a Man, and realized what an incredibly talented and groundbreaking artist he truly is. As is often the case when one is more known for imprisoning a prostitute, Boy George has never been given the credit he deserves for his creative genius. He is, in my opinion, one of the best lyricists around.

Two years ago he wanted to be on Big Brother, but his parole officers wouldn't give the okay. Now clean, sober and free of legal woes, the reality-TV stint could be a major comeback. Or, they might just make him look like an idiot and show lots of unflattering shots of his chins. But what does he care? A million pounds is more than $1.5 million. Think about how many rent boys he could handcuff to his bed with that money!

If the deal goes through, Boy George will be the highest-paid star to appear on Celebrity Big Brother, a fact that has bruised Pete Burns as badly as his last face lift. 

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