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Minibuses, the plebiscite and closeted priests

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Mexican activists out allegedly gay priests

As Catholics in Mexico march against equal marriage, LGBT activists have fought back by outing four priests they say are in gay relationships. “When you come out and condemn homosexuality, condemn gay marriage, and try to influence a secular state, you’ve lost the right to the closet,” one activist says.

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Uganda pride celebration blocked again

Police blocked pride celebrations near Entebbe, Uganda, and escorted participants back to the capital in minibuses. This is the second failed attempt at a pride celebration in Uganda this year; police raided a beauty pageant and arrested participants in August.

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Australian plebiscite falls apart

A vote by all Australians on equal marriage will not go forward, it seems, as talks between the Liberal and Labour parties fell apart Monday. The left-leaning Labour party says the Liberal’s proposed plebiscite would be too costly, and would give anti-gay forces a national platform.


California passes PrEP education bill

California governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill to boost education on PrEP and PEP, drugs that decrease the risk of HIV infection. Research shows very few gay and bisexual men in California have used or even heard of PrEP.

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UN meets on LGBT rights

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and US Vice President Joe Biden spoke this week at the highest level UN meetings ever held on LGBT rights. The meetings also launched the new position of UN Independent Expert on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

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