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Missiles, boobs, super heros and queer family love

Local queer actors and cultural producers (ie Artistes) came together to film a very special, very b-movie sci-fi space thriller premiering at Ste-Em's NEXT weekend. This week I spoke with producers Coral Short and Morgan about the process… READ ABOUT THE EVENT HERE.

The movie is about…
After the nuclear holocaust earth explodes… dna and plants gets sent in out of space. but the instructions are in english so the scientists dont understand. machines have taken over. and the machines represent work culture. A machine is a rebel and he feasts and has sex and then some other shit happens. And then surprise ending ensues!!!

Queer angle…
Everybodys is queer, some 9 year boys who like each other are questioning or gay or something. "there is a DIY asthetic and camp style to the film."

"We shot in on a queer person's land with a lake and many acres" in the Laurentians. some parts were filmed in the biodome, says Coral.



Coral: my fav movie maker is Karaoke moggots and men. we both like Annie Sprinkle. The one with the moustache.

Morgan: Audio Architect was behind the soundtrack.

fav music lately: sexy sushi! Justin Bieber! Ratatat! Miike Snow!

fav movie that the movie was sorta based on: Blade Runner

anything else:
Coral: the costumes are very diy and awesome because queers have good taste. it's very sexy. It's kinda like softcore porn.

Morgan: In the movie, MORGAN SEA is a super hero and also created some comic bubbles in the film.

Ste-Emilie SkillShare party is NEXT Saturday. See you there Squares!

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