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Mister Manners…and Abtastic Finale

In the spirit of Miss Manners, I'm enlisting the help of Mister Manners to answer questions I've received from readers and from friends over the past 8 months . Enjoy.

Dear Mister Manners,

Whilst out the other night, after some drinks and some dancing with a group of friends, one of my friends suggested we go back to his place and fuck. I am not attacted to this friend, nor am I particularly interested in having sex with him. I generally don't like having sex with people I am not attracted to. Despite this, I felt guilty for saying no because he has slept with a lot of my other friends and if everyone else is doing it, shouldn't I?

Is there something wrong with me?

Gentle Reader: When you find yourself in this situation again (as you surely will), think to yourself: What Would Mister Manners Do? Or WWMMD? No, this doesn't stand "When whoring, make men douche." Nor does it stand for any other potential mishmash of clever words that begin with those letters. It`s only an acronym for "What Would Mister Manners Do?" – which, from the sounds of it, is a question you and a lot of other people should be asking yourself frequently.

Mister Manners is just going to say what everyone is thinking: you are clearly a cock tease.

Now that we've dealt with that, here's some reading for you: This article came up during a recent search of for coverage on the Hero Awards recently hosted by Xtra! West in Vancouver. Mister Manners was confused at how the SEO keywords related, but read this piece with interest and deduced the following: if the sluts are still successfully lobbying LGBT media outlets everywhere with a free-spirited call to arms, how should the prudes respond?

When you find yourself in the my-promiscuous-friend-is-horny situation again, Mister Manners advises you to tell this friend to go fuck themselves, which may just be one of the most practical double entendres in your newly expanded repitoire. You may also be self-righteous or dramatic and say something like: "You don't know me!" 

Remember: being queer doesn't mean you have fuck every guy or girl you make eye contact with. Nor does it mean that it's okay for strangers to grope you in bars just because they are also gay and in a gay bar (personal pet peeve).

Is there something wrong with you? No. Say no when you mean no. And sometimes, say no even when you don't mean it to keep life interesting.



Wow. Good advice.

In other news: I am going to retire the Abtastic Quest. Sad, I know, but after 16 weeks, I am almost done the program and think that it's run its course. Many thanks to LL Cool J and his Platinum Workout.

I leave you with this single photo from the recent Hero event put on by Xtra! West. If you devote 16 weeks to personal fitness, will people ask you to parade around in your underwear…it`s likely. I was trophy boy for the night and had a great time.

Congrats to Ryan and good luck to anyone currently embarking on a fitness quest.