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Mixin’ it up at Five Sixty

Lesley Ewen
49, sexual orientation: “I’m sexual”

“I’m mixed. I’m Jamaican and Scottish. So I think the only way forward — the enlightened way — to move forward is to embrace mixture and synthesis and to embrace all. My favourite phrase is, ‘Just take the fences out of the pool.’ I almost think we need to move beyond gay or straight because there are so many people who are not self-defining as gay or straight. They’re challenging that binary.”


Asha Gill
42, sexual orientation: straight

“The first time I walked into Graceland was when I was 18 years old and had my fake ID, and the first thing I saw were drag queens on roller skates as waiters and waitresses and bartenders serving us, and my eyes were like saucers. I thought it was the greatest cross-cultural thing I had ever seen. Graceland was the first place that I had experienced mixing like that and probably not so much until today maybe.”


Jake Wolpert
26, sexual orientation: straight

“I don’t know if they’re losing a space as much as gaining one. If the mixed club can be successful here, why not other places? Eventually, they should all be mixed and it shouldn’t matter.”


Tristin Toker (right, with friends)
20, sexual orientation: straight (gay, gay, gay)

“They’re just my friends, not my ‘gay’ friends. It shouldn’t be separate clubs. We’re all the same. It doesn’t matter who we like.”


Duncan Muir
37, sexual orientation: straight

“I live a couple of blocks from Davie. We go to Celebrities all the time. I think every club is mixed in Vancouver. That’s the way I look at it.”