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‘Mo Money, ‘Mo Stache

This weekend marks the beginning and end of a number of things this month. To name two: an end to dignity (again) and the beginning of a month without a moustache (again!)

To be honest, sometimes my moustache made me feel like this:

But other times, it made me feel like this:

I'll post a photo of my final result on Monday. In the meantime, you should come down to 1181 this Sunday for MAN OF MOVEMBER (ooo ahhh). In case you haven't heard, November is prostate cancer awareness month and men everywhere are growing moustaches to raise money for research and the cure.

MAN OF MOVEMBER will the moustache competition to end all moustache competitions. It takes place at 1181 and starts at 4pm…and yes, we will be collecting donations onsite for those who are willing to give to a great cause. Bring your 'Mo Sista's and 'Mo Bro's. Moustaches aren't required though will be much appreciated for this event. I'm judging the stash competition with some surprise judges. See ya there!