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Moderate appointments

Word has it that Stephen Harper will be
announcing the appointment of justices Andromache Karakatsanis and Michael J Moldaver to the Supreme Court of Canada, each to appear before an ad
hoc parliamentary committee for the sake of appearances, of course. People who
track these sort of things say that these are two moderate judges and not
radical conservatives like people might otherwise fear (although Moldaver is a
bit more law-and-order when it comes to concerns about litigation using the
Charter). That said, it also points to the judicial culture we have in Canada,
which isn’t as polarized as that of the States, and that’s a pretty good thing.

The Bank of Canada’s parliamentary mandate
is up for review, as it is every five years, and wouldn’t you know, the Commons
finance committee is simply too busy to hold any hearings on it. Who needs
debate on fundamental fiscal policy when we can have Shelly Glover and Peggy
Nash repeat talking points to one another?

Pundit’s Guide breaks down the NDP race
with some interesting observations on party culture. Meanwhile, Maclean’s also takes a look at Brian
Topp’s “frontrunner” status and what it might mean for the party’s grassroots.

Alex Himelfarb looks to create an adult
conversation on taxation, including the premise that tax cuts are simply an
attempt at a “free lunch” that doesn’t really exist.

Here’s an interesting read about the underlying proposals of the “occupy” movements: that simply “taxing the rich”
won’t accomplish much and that a real, workable solution – raising
consumption taxes – is anathema to the discussion.

Here’s an interesting piece about how the
restrictive laws around surrogacy in Canada, intended to keep it from being
commercialized, can backfire and leave surrogate mothers on the hook with no recourse when the
prospective parents bail.

And students on Prairie university campuses
are pushing for gender-neutral washrooms.

Up this week – legislation to kill the
Canadian Wheat Board and the long-awaited shipyard contract announcements.

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