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Monday’s reading list: banning Boy Butter, straight allies and a memorial for Taavel

Today’s edition of the Reading List is a little NSFW, a little strange and a little sad.

Let’s get the NSFW stuff out of the way.

– If you are a subscriber to Sirius Satellite Radio, you may have heard of the Opie & Anthony Show. Well, one of their sponsors is Boy Butter, a personal lubricant company that targets gay men. Well, Opie and Anthony seem to have a bit of an issue with their sponsor. Say the hosts, “Believe it or not, it shocks a lot of people, but we support the gays. But the Boy Butter thing is, just . . . come on.” Come on indeed. Queerty reports on it.

– As for the strange portion of today’s list, salon.com posted two neat little reads this weekend. The first, a story on how all that “scientific data” provided by rightwingers to help prove their homophobic ideas is pretty much bunk. The second is an excerpt from Kate Bornstein’s latest book, where she recounts an episode from her former life as a Scientologist. Amazing read.

– This Sunday, there was a memorial for Raymond Taavel, the Halifax gay man who was murdered outside of a local gay bar. The memorial included hundreds of mourners. The Chronicle Herald posted a great piece about the event, and the CBC has video worth watching.

– Last and certainly not least, is an interview with Jonathan from Toronto hardcore band Liferuiner. In it, Jonathan talks about the gay man who raised him and who he loved, and why he and Liferuiner have such a strong connection with the gay community.

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