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Montenegro’s first Pride attacked

“Kill the gays,” protesters chant

Protesters greet Montenegro's Pride march with anger. Credit:

Montenegro’s first gay Pride parade was attacked July 24 by protesters throwing stones and bottles and chanting “kill the gays,” reports Balkan Insight

The parade, in the seaside town of Budva, was attended by about 120 people. Local police protected the marchers, and arrested 20 people who attacked the parade. 

“Everybody who was against this today will be ashamed one day,” said organizer Aleksandar Sasa Zekovic.

Montenegro, a Balkan country of 600,000 people on the Adriatic Sea, is divided on the issue of gay rights. 

Two thousand people in Budva signed a petition against the parade, and several Montenegrin politicians have been critical of gay people.

A good record on gay rights may be necessary for Montenegro to enter the European Union, however, and some government agencies are working to improve. 

“We must not send a message that we cannot demonstrate at least an elementary level of tolerance of differences,” said Interior Minister Rasko Konjevic.