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Montreal and the Vancouver Olympics

Tonight I'll be "speaking" at the
from Vancouver to Montreal event
at McGill. We'll be
maxing and relaxing alongside some popcorn and hot cocoa whilst
watching three short movies for about an hour. Then, the talking
begins as we process what we've just seen and try to understand this
whole Olympics thing. I mean fuck, what kind of assholes tow away "undesirables" so the city
looks clean, white and drug-free? Vancouver is what it is, brothers
and sisters—warts and all. Montrealers will weigh in on this issue,
drawing parallels from our own 1976 fiasco. Oh yeah that's when the
Village got "created," because they wanted fags to go be fags
elsewhere than in the tourists' faces, right…


I might post pics. Maybe i won't, i haven't decided.
In the meantime, our fair city bears down as we wait for a morbidly
obese snowstorm descending in a few…

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