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Montreal celebrates Pride with circus-themed parade

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Montreal Pride dazzled thousands Aug 17 with a circus-themed parade.

In the spirit of this year’s circus theme, many parade participants dressed in flashy, over-the-top outfits. From red clown noses and face-paint to feathers and sequins, parade participants didn’t hold back. Acrobats and gymnasts performed stunts on some floats, delighting crowds along the route.

The weekend was filled with events, including a community day on Aug 16. Local queer groups lined St Catherine St — the city’s gay strip — with information tables and booths. There was also a new event, the Avenue of Health and Well-Being, that promoted safer sex and healthy living.

Two weeks earlier, Montreal hosted its annual gay festival, Divers/Cite. videographer Michael Pihach attended that event, check out his video report here. Some Montrealers organized an alternative gay event, called Pervers/Cite — read more about how the group opposes gay assimilation with events like More Drunk, Less Married.

(Brent Creelman photos)