Sex Work
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Montreal’s red-light district has been saved! For now


After two years of hearings, court cases and city hall meetings, Café Cléopatre, the burlesque club and strip joint on Saint-Laurent Blvd, has been saved!

I’m happy to report this having helped to move the discussions with the city through during this exciting time. The case has brought issues of sex, public architecture and alternative lifestyles to the surface, as well as fueled a heated debate about Montreal’s ongoing KORRUPTION. Read the back story on the Save the Main case HERE. I wrote it!

The organizers of posted a statement saying,

"We are happy to continue to call the second floor of Cabaret Café Cléopatrae our home: a place that nurtures and sustains the freedom of artistic practice and welcomes upcoming artists of the next generation. While this is a great turn of events, we must be aware that the Cleo will never be safe as long as corporate interests rule above those of the artists. We will continue to make ourselves heard and demand our right to preserve, rebuild, revitalize and to be included, not excluded."
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