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Moob Week/Big Roger’s Boys

Moob Week continues here on Up Your Alley:

Might as well celebrate one of Vancouver's chestiest and bestest, right?

I've heard that promoter/underwear designer/so-and-so Big Roger is actually Ricardo Montalban's long-lost daughter. And in the long tradition of gay guys dancing in their underwear in public places, Big Roger's Events has decided to launch Big Roger's Boys at this previously reported party on Sunday… and I quote:

Part of why
Big Roger Events throw Vancouver's best afterhours parties is their ability to
pack the place with wall-to-wall hunks. Starting with this Victoria Day
weekend's ¡VIDA!
party featuring DJ/Producer Tony Moran, we plan to put the hottest of the hot
on a pedestal (literally). Big Roger himself will be heading up a
selection committee that will be scanning the dance floor, recruiting
"Big Roger's Boys" to dance on a dedicated platform. What does it take
to be a "Big Roger Boy"? Can we really put our finger on that special
something? That cocky/studly/confidence while shaking it shirtless is
always a good start… Selected men get free SWEAT underwear and a ticket to
the next Big Roger afterhours event, which, if my calendar is not mistaken,
will be taking place on Pride weekend.

Hubba hubba, fame whores! This is the event for YOU!

And here is some gratuitously delicious moob action courtesy of some guy in immediate need of the sexiest motorboat ride imaginable:

Thanks for the YouTubage, Lance!

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