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Moonlight, trans wrestling and queer sports

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Moonlight wins best picture

Gay drama Moonlight took best picture at the Oscars this weekend, becoming the first film featuring gay people to win the award. The award was first announced going to the film La La Land, but then hastily corrected during the ceremonies.

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LGBT teens half as likely to do sports

A new study from researchers at the University of British Columbia shows that queer youth are half as likely to participate in sports as straight youth. Researchers say a lack of queer sport role models is at least partly to blame.

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Texas trans boy forced to wrestle against girls, wins

Mack Beggs, a teenage boy from Texas, wanted to wrestle against other boys. But because his birth certificate said he is female, he was forced to wrestle against girls. And now that he won, some people are upset that he had an “unfair advantage.”

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Chinese companies target young gay customers

While same-sex marriage remains illegal in China, and gay acceptance is still low, Chinese companies are jumping on the opportunity to advertise to gay young people. Supporting LGBT rights makes Chinese companies seem in touch with millenial values.

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Philippine city finally passes anti-discrimination ordinance

After a five-year process, the Philippine city of Baguio has finally passed an ordinance banning discrimination against LGBT people. The ordinance faced opposition from national political leaders, including boxing star and politician Manny Pacquiao.

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