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Montreal Madonna impersonator brings Madge’s MDNA tour to Buddies

Jimmy Moore does Madonna. Credit: XXXX
Jimmy Moore performs parts of Madonna’s MDNA tour in Montreal. Jimmy moore

To say that performance artist Jimmy Moore is an avid Madonna fan would be a gross understatement. Moore has been touring his Material Girl–themed shows across North America for the last 15 years and will soon hit the stage at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, for the very first time, recreating Madge’s wildly successful MDNA tour.

“I am reproducing the complete MDNA tour. I’ll be onstage with four dancers for a non-stop, two-hour show,” Moore says. “I’ve done this show about 15 times in the last year, but it’s the first in Toronto. I hope people will show up.”

Moore says emulating the Queen of Pop can be cost-prohibitive at times, considering how often the singer reinvents her look. “It’s a singer who costs me a lot to impersonate. But you know, she has brought me so much success, so I don’t mind the investment . . . It’s completely different when I think of my work as Michael Jackson. He’s dead now, so there’s no possibility of having surprises in the future.”

In the last 15 years, the Montreal-based impersonator has staged his shows in New York, Las Vegas and Vancouver. “I really look forward to my performances at Buddies because I really want to invest the time in Toronto. I love the city and I love the people. Everybody has been so nice to me.”