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More about CBC and gays holding hands in public in Vancouver…and ta-da: Bacon man

Remember that segment I did on CBC radio's The Early Edition yesterday morning? Seeing as it was at 6am, I sorta do.

Let me tell ya, I was so nervous in front of the microphone that I couldn't sit still and apparently it was so bad, that the host had to stop the taping to tell me to stop swinging around on my chair like some sort of gay monkey. Okay. Rick Cluff didn't say gay or monkey, but you get the idea of how wound up I was…

Here's the clip: Holding Hands.mp3 (7.32 mb) (byline: Rob Easton/Sean Horlor)

As you can see by the byline, I did this segment with my friend Rob Easton, who is an associate producer with CBC. He's an amazing guy, couldn't think of a better friend to hold hands with all afternoon in different parts of Vancouver.And as my first time on radio, I think it went pretty well.

I also went and saw The Thank You Girls tonight. I'm gonna take a day and then post a review tomorrow.

In the meantime, enjoy Bacon Man: