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More charges laid against accused in HIV non-disclosure case

Now four complainants in the Ottawa investigation

The accused in an HIV non-disclosure case made his fourth appearance via video link in an Ottawa courtroom on May 26.

Originally charged with nine counts of aggravated sexual assault and one count of failure to comply with his probation conditions, more charges have been laid against the accused, including aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault and failure to comply with probation. His lawyer, Delinda Hayton, says there are now four complainants in the Ottawa investigation.

Until today, Hayton also says she hadn’t been briefed by the Crown on the charges since the initial nine charges were laid three weeks ago.

“I only have disclosure [on the first two complainants]. I don’t have the actual number of charges being laid yet, but the information I have includes all previously laid charges,” says Hayton.

As of May 26, the accused has spent 20 days in jail pending investigation. Hayton says a bail hearing is up in the air, but one will be scheduled when she has full disclosure of the case.

Hayton says one bail condition the accused will be given is having a proper residence. She wouldn’t say if he had a place to go back to, but that he did get into a fight with his roommates earlier this month.

“[The bail conditions] will involve his family, who have been very supportive throughout this whole ordeal,” says Hayton, adding his well-being “is as good as can be expected.”

Two weeks ago, Acting Inspector John McGetrick said he would release details of this case to the public but to date, it hasn’t happened. He says there have been delays in the investigation and is waiting to conclude details to make sure all information is correct.

“We’re a little delayed but we’re looking at early next week [at releasing details]. But an update is coming,” says McGetrick.

The accused is to appear in court again this Friday, May 28, via video link.