Helena Guergis
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More detainee revelations? Is it a day that ends in y already?

The Military Police Complaints Commission investigation into the Afghan detainee issue got back underway – and oh, look – they barred the public, journalists, and even government officials. Meanwhile, the CBC unveiled even more documents, which showed that the government knew full well what was going on (i.e. – the NDS hasn’t changed their torture-happy ways) even though they’ve been telling the public that everything was tickety-boo. Oh, but this is “nothing new,” says the PMO’s spokesperson. Of course not. Their transfer system is robust, and a model for the rest of the world. Honest!

Her Excellency delivered opening remarks at an international symposium on the future of Haiti yesterday. Jean focused on education as an important component of the rebuilding process, as well as remembering that the regions outside of Port-au-Prince need help with the reconstruction as well.

Meanwhile, Her Excellency’s fans – especially Haitian officials – want her term extended because of the work she’s done on behalf of their country. And hey, it’s not like previous governors general haven’t been granted six, seven, or eight year terms before.

Asking the Ethics Commissioner to look into Helena Guergis’ mortgage? Really, Liberals? Is there nothing better that you could be doing with your time?

The RCMP wants sub-machine guns now for their officers on the Hill? Thanks, Greenpeace, for cranking up the security paranoia to eleven!
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