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More election coverage

Stephen Harper and the Theo-cons

Marci McDonald’s investigative feature on Stephen Harper and the religious right. McDonald explores Harper’s extensive ties to evangelical Christianity and what that might portend if Harper wins a majority in this election.


NDP not so Queer-friendly

Should the NDP be the party of choice for queer voters? This story looks at the party’s history on queer issues and the times it’s turned its back on gays and lesbians.


‘Thanks, Bob, for Nothing’

Bob Rae is heavily favoured to win reelection in Toronto Centre, but he has a mixed history with the queer community that makes up a large part of the riding. Read about how Rae betrayed his supporters on same-sex unions when he was the NDP premier of Ontario.


Who’s Running in Your Riding?

A look at the candidates running for election in Toronto.


Gay Conservative Candidate Resigns

Chris Reid, the openly gay Conservative candidate in Toronto Centre, resigned after his blog called for people to carry handguns and wrote that gay people supported promiscuity and drugs.


Clement Tries to Hang on to Battleground Seat

In 2006 Conservative health minister Tony Clement won his seat by a mere 28 votes. Will he hold onto it this time around?


Queer Activists Seek Halifax Seat

The Liberals and the NDP are both running queer activists in the Halifax riding being vacated by retiring NDP incumbent Alexa McDonough.


Tories skip all-party meeting on arts and culture

The Conservative candidates in Ottawa-area ridings opted to skip a forum on arts and culture and government cuts to programs. The other parties showed up.


‘Our community Is Under Seige:’ Fuller

Affordable housing is a major issue in downtown Vancouver.


Gay MP Siksay looking for a three-peat in BC riding

The NDP’s Bill Siksay, who has been fighting to have trans people included in hate crimes legislation and who was the only MP with the courage to vote against the age of consent bill, is seeking a third term as MP for Burnaby-Douglas.