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More embarrassing revelations

I wonder if we should start the doomsday clock for Christian Paradis’ career, seeing as he’s now confessed to talking ministerial business with the man at the centre of those corruption allegations, at the fundraiser that party workers insisted he set up, after he denied doing so previously – well, let’s just say, it doesn’t look good. And how long will Harper and company shield him before they throw him to the wolves (or the RCMP, whichever comes first)?

Speaking of not looking good, former Canadian ambassador to the UN Paul Heinbecker spells out why we lost the UN Security Council vote, and why it matters.

Similarly, word is trickling out about how the whole spat with the UAE played out in the Conservative cabinet, with key ministers being cut out of the decision, and Harper throwing a hissy fit that ultimately cost us the use of Camp Mirage. What were we saying about this government’s foreign affairs prowess?

And Harper? Touting our relationship with China, even if it’s a bit of a revisionist, rose-coloured version where he’s concerned.

Current prostitution laws may end up standing until February, which appears to be a potential deal between the lawyers in the case in the lead-up to an appeal.

Maxime Bernier thinks that we should end all transfer payments to the provinces and restore the constitution to its 1867 version. Because apparently we don’t want to have control over our foreign policy or military, and have the Queen’s Privy Council decide legal cases instead of a Supreme Court. Also, because the ability of the government to disallow provincial legislation also works so well with his notions of greater provincial autonomy.

Liberal MP Glen Pearson talks about his encounter with a member of the Air Force in an airport, and the conversation they had about the F-35 fighters (hint: even the Air Force guy has doubts).

Senator Nancy Ruth has revised her previous STFU advice, saying that women should never be silent on the issue of advancing equality, but should instead use different volume levels and strategies.

And Michaëlle Jean will be spending the bulk of her time focused on her new foundation.
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