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More fantasy than reality

Straight guys not so straight on

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The lure of the unavailable has always had the thrill of conquest for gay men-especially when it comes to straight guys.

So, it’s hardly surprising that the latest in reality programming aimed at the queer community should feature straight guys being lured for sex.

Or is it?

A new online porn venture called, based out of Vancouver and aimed at the gay male audience, says it has “The Most Controversial Videos on the Net.”

“Real Life Straight Guys Tricked Into Gay Sex!,” it proclaims.

The basic storyline sees the “straight” guy picked up by a woman (the bait) and taken home where another guy comes in. Then the fun begins. Roll camera. Unroll rubber.

The website invites viewers to watch as “fresh straight boys off the street” are given “an anal pounding they will never forget.”

Well, perhaps they are fresh, maybe they’re off the street and they may never forget it, but a little searching reveals all is not quite reality in the land of

The website is run through a company called Internet Media Corporation operating out of a suite on Nelson St. It’s part of a larger company with headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Check out our exclusive footage of real life straight guys getting tricked into gay sex. Our test traffic has been converting like mad. Check it out!,” says a parent website,, which is promoting the new web venture.

Sample scenes show guys being picked up on Vancouver streets or at the beach near the Burrard St bridge.

It’s when claiming reality where the fiction sets in.

The website has model and actor releases hidden well in background pages. So much for the street.

And, as for the guys being straight.

Well, the website says some are being “man-fucked for the first time.”

There are a couple of people in the city’s gay community who’d dispute that claim.

One Davie St waiter-who spoke on grounds of anonymity as he fears disclosing his identity would affect his income-says he knows at least two of the guys. They’re far from straight, he says.

One is employed in the hotel industry, while another is known in Davie St gay pubs as a notoriously poor tipper, he says. The latter’s picture was on the staff room bulletin board at one bar.

There doesn’t seem to be much confusion over the guy doing the fucking, though.

He’s Trey Donaldson, star of Trey’s Top Tips sex information site, presented by M Squared Productions on Seymour St.

Donaldson’s website says he writes and directs each streetbait episode.

Donaldson, though, says he can’t reveal whether the guys are gay or straight.

However, he readily admits that streetbait is more fantasy than reality.

“It’s like the biggest thing for most guys I know: straight guys, straight guys, straight guys,” he says. “I’ve tried to take the reality thing a few steps further. I really hit a chord.”

And he’s thrilled with the success streetbait’s had.

“Oh my God, here’s my cock here, here’s my cock there,” he says. “It’s a wonderful thing to work on. It’s like I get to live out my fantasies every single time.”

He’s coy about the gay-straight mix of his co-stars.

“A lot of the time I have to really work hard with them,” he says. “I spend time with them about 15 minutes before the shoot. I put my hand on their lap and see how they react and say, ‘OK, this is what we need to fix.’ Most of the time, I luck right out. Sometimes, no.”

But, he says, there are more straight guys coming in new episodes.

Donaldson, a divorced father of two, was named the Bi Men Networks’ international goodwill ambassador and chosen its man of the month recently. A press release says Donaldson is the world’s top-reigning male bisexual adult star, having appeared in over 200 bisexual and gay adult productions.

The web reality concept of straight guys being picked up for sex is nothing new. The site has been around for several years. It features a bus driving around picking guys up and filming them after being “tricked” into sex.