Toronto Diary
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More Odd Economic News

In what can’t be good news for Pearson Airport, airport-area hotels, or fans of craigslist ads for hookups with DL Latino men at airport hotels, the US has begun easing travel restrictions to Cuba. Expect your next vacation to a hot gay resort in Cuba to be full of Americans, too.

On the other hand, in a shameful and downright confusing about-face, Alberta has decided to de-list sex reassignment surgery only a year after Ontario relisted it following human rights complaints. Brace for a trickle of transgender refugees from oil country.

Meanwhile, to Toronto lesbians are on trial for murder, in a case that seems straight out of a 1950s public service announcement about evil lezzies.

And speaking of PSAs, the government is considering a pseudo-bailout for broadcasters, which would have the current government buy massive amounts of propaganda, er, I mean, adspace on the channels that are suffering budget shortfalls. Personally, I look forward to hearing how Canada’s new government is making life better…for all Canadians!

Ok, it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t acknowledge this column from The Globe’s Margaret Wente about the ongoing debate in Toronto’s gay community about the so-dubbed (by this paper and others) criminalization of HIV, particularly in the wake of the guilty verdict in the Aziga trial. So I leave it up to you, readers: Do you think HIV-positive people have an obligation to disclose their status to their sex partners?