Avenue Q
1 min

More than just naughty muppets

For all of you who've always longed to see Sesame Street's muppets get it on, celebrate porn, swear and cop to racist thoughts, Avenue Q is for you!

But opening night at The Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts proved the award-winning musical is about more than merely naughty muppets.



It's about the life lessons Sesame Street never taught us. It's about finding ourselves, our purpose in life and our place in society. It's about coming out on every level, one step at a time, even when it's hard or the path is poorly marked. It's about growing up. It's about not needing to know every answer right now. 

This bit of wisdom was brought to you by the letter Q, a group of singing, stripping muppets and an odd Gary Coleman character. Makes sense to me.




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