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Mormons, Starbucks and marriage for Ireland

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Starbucks wants its stores to be “safe spaces” for LGBT people

Starbucks says it will train staff in 97 Seattle locations to make their coffee shops a “safe space” for LGBT people. The coffee chain has a good record with LGBT support, but a bad record with social justice campaigns after its disastrous “race together” movement earlier this year.

Same-sex marriage is on in Ireland

Same-sex marriage officially came into effect in the Republic of Ireland on Monday, leaving Northern Ireland the last holdout in the United Kingdom. Ireland was the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage by national public vote.

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Mormons split over gay apostasy decision

Reuters reports that about 1,500 Mormons have resigned from the church over a decision to apostatize (or reject from the church) all same-sex married couples and their children. The Guardian tells stories of some of the gay Mormon couples now caught between love and faith.

Costa Rica cracks down on mistaken same-sex marriage

Costa Rica is pursuing criminal charges against a lesbian couple who successfully got married to to a clerical error. One of the women, Jazmín Elizondo, had been mistakenly registered as a man for her entire life. The government wants to annul the marriage, but the couple say they will fight the charges in court on behalf of Costa Rican same-sex couples.

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Ukraine sides with Europe on LGBT protections

Ukraine has decided LGBT rights are an acceptable cost for closer ties with the European Union. Despite protests and complaints, the government has passed anti-discrimination laws that may convince the EU to allow visa-free travel for Ukrainians. Ukrainian politicians made it clear, however, this doesn’t mean they’re going all gay. “I hear some fake information which says that there may be same-sex marriages in Ukraine,” one parliamentarian said. “God forbid, this will ever happen. We will never support this.”

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